Refaced Cabinets -- More Functional, User Friendly

Many home owners believe that refacing their existing cabinets will not make them any more functional or user friendly. That is simply not the case with cabinet refacing. In as little as 3 days, you can have a significantly updated kitchen with much greater usability -- for a fraction of the cost of replacement. Most refacing projects can be completed within 5 days or less. There is no need to replace countertops unless the home owner chooses to. There is no need for plumbers, electricians or new floors to be installed. You have the option of new drawer boxes with soft-close, under-mounted glides. You can also convert lower cabinet doors to drawers for a much more updated look and function. Cabinet modifications such as making room for a larger refrigerator or new oven are common additions to a refacing project.

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Before making a final decision on buying new cabinets, every home owner should take a long, hard look at cabinet refacing. Cabinet refacing is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing options in the remodeling industry. The transformation that can be achieved in such a short period of time makes having your dream kitchen an affordable reality.

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